Broke one, kept one

So far, even though it's only Day 2 of the New Year, I've already broken a resolution.

Actually, I started breaking it yesterday, during the Monk marathon. I was reading the credits, and noticed that Tony Shalhoub is both the star of the show and is an Executive Producer. Which got me thinking: he's so "lucky" (meaning that he's worked hard and it's paid off) to do something of quality, which is creative and unique, and which also must pay well. And then it creeped up on me: Envy, one of my resolutions. I was supposed to avoid it.

Coincidentally, there is an ad for Stargate on the Monk site, which in the past had caused Envy to annoy me, because it seems like a cool, intelligent show to work for. So there I was faced with two sources of it, but I survived.

At least I've been keeping my other resolution: to study Japanese, which I did last night and this morning.

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