Okay, I get it already

I'm probably one of the few people who's gotten three rejections from the same place. First, I got an email (not a form email) that basically said my stuff was worthless and to get lost. Then I got a mailing with my submission returned to me, reiterating that opinion. And finally, I got a letter in the mail, telling me that they're sorry they had to send a form letter, but alas, there are too many submissions to deal with. I got it the first, time, okay? They didn't even know they'd already personally and specifically rejected me. [Note: I only sent the submission once, but got three rejections.]

And that's not all. From another place, I probably got one of the fastest rejections in the history of submissions: less than one hour, maybe not even forty-five minutes. I emailed a query, and when I checked my email a short while later, lo and behold was a rejection. A form one, of course.

Basically, if you ever want your ego challenged, first fail in a job (or jobs), create something alone in obscurity, get lots of negative feedback from other writers, and then submit it to the publishing-industrial complex. That should take care of you for a while.

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