Encouraging advice

Someone sent me some advice from Richard Lindberg, who's a successful author. This is the most encouraging writing advice I've ever read. Usually writers say obvious things, such as "write every day" (duh) or "writers write" (duh) or "write a good query letter" (duh). Sometimes it sounds as if they're just doling out the advice to market themselves.

But Lindberg has specific, caring advice, and shares his own struggles. He also uses intelligent language without being condescending, unlike other writers who are like, "I've made it, okay? Now after I throw a few crumbs down to you, leave me alone. And don't even think about becoming successful like me. Just follow this paltry advice, and buy my books."

Lindberg says that getting published "all hinges on what the author is willing to accept, and how far down that path of travail he or she is willing to journey...never lose hope and do not become blind-sided by Nay Sayers, skeptical book agents or apathetic publishers."

He also says what other authors don't: "Personally, I would not recommend an agent for the first time author. Agents hate unsolicited manuscripts from unpublished authors. Hate them!" Sure, there are exceptions, but usually first-time authors are all giddy, telling you that you need to do what they did, and you'll be fine. And buy their books.

To access his full essay, you'll have to go to his site and click on "Advice to Writers." It really helped me get out of the self-loathing slump I was in.

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