Got a new manga

I have been consistently reading Japanese since I finished my third manga, even though I haven't had much time due to my usual complex work schedule and non-work responsibilities.

I bought another manga, the very first one in the Kacho Shima Kousaku (課長島耕作) series, and it's entertaining, though once again I'm puzzled by some of the colloquial phrases. I'm thinking of going over to the library in the Japanese Consulate to ask them what some of them mean. I get the gist, but want to know the exact meaning of what they're saying, and it's sort of annoying to not know :|

I can't sit down for chunks of time to read it, so I end up reading it briefly before I teach or during my break. Also, I'm in the process of interviewing Rick Kaempfer about his excellent book Severence, and I feel bad about putting that to the side while I read the manga, but hey, we have to get our language fix in sometime, n'est-ce pas?

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