I would be on my way to class now

Today is Presidents' Day, which means I don't have to teach tonight. Usually I'd start wrapping up my day now to get on the road for my annoying commute to the southern part of the city, and I'd usually be tired and would be wondering what happened to my day as it seemed to disappear so quickly. After class I'd *really* be tired and would make the non-annoying commute back home after 10 pm.

I should have planned my day off better. I got a lot of stuff done, and even read a big chunk of my manga, but I still feel like I squandered the time. Perhaps it's because I operated more slowly than usual, and I have a meeting to go to tonight, which means there won't be much time left for reading and finishing up the interview with Rick Kaempfer. Lesson learned!

As it's Presidents' Day in the USA and Family Day in parts of Canada...happy holidays folks!

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