I finished my third manga!

I just finished my third Japanese manga: Young Shima Kousaku (ヤング島耕作), which is a prequel of the Kacho Shima Kousaku (課長島耕作) series.

This one was almost 200 pages. It had lots of drama: office politics, blackmail, romance, cheating, and lots more! That's why I really like these: they're not fantasy but crazy dramas based on real-world work annoyances.

The other two mangas I read were over 200 pages, so I feel quite a sense of accomplishment. The first one I read was this:

And the second one I read was this:

It's difficult to read mangas because sometimes I can't figure out the colloquial phrases, so I'm wondering if I should take a break and read more straightforward Japanese texts to give my mind a rest :D

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