Bad typos won't help this biz

I clicked on this internet ad to see what it was all about, and couldn't believe the glaring typos for a service that is language and writing-oriented. We all make mistakes, even after we proofread something a few times. But these show an ignorance that I doubt will help that business.

One typo is the first sentence: "How do one knows..." That's just bad English. They should get a grammar book or at least have someone who knows English to proofread their copy. Another one I noticed was the comma splice in the last sentence.

Some people use comma splices if they want to be extra-casual, but that intentional use comes from stylistic choices, not uninformed ones.

I wonder if other people have noticed these typos and if they will affect this business. I know it didn't impress me. Additionally, it's not just a bad reflection on just this business, but on the one that used it. Should they have corrected his testimonial? I think yes, because they offer writing services, so they should have applied their skills to what he wrote. He is, after all, a happy customer.


Brigid Daull Brockway said...

I try not to be obsessed over other people's grammar. However, when I see a business with terrible copy on their Web page, I wonder how sloppy they are with their product. Folks wonder why I'm so obsessive about making sure the copy my company produces is perfect, and the reason is that even if folks don't judge consciously, bad grammar turns customers off.

Margaret Larkin said...

I agree. One time I got an email about a business seminar, and it sounded interesting, until I saw the glaring typos. If that guy was so successful in business, why couldn't he at least hire someone to proofread his writing? People should pay attention to every aspect of their business to shoot for quality.