You don't need to know Japanese to see that this robot is a direct copy

Here's a report about how a Chinese company totally copied the Japanese robot Gandamu (ガンダム). They say that the color is different, but the details are the same, and compare the real Japanese robot to this knock-off. They even interview the creator of the original one. I will translate what he said later, since right now I have to finish some work. But basically, you don't need to understand Japanese to see how this robot is a direct copy. They even show other Japanese products that have been copied by Chinese companies. Way to go, losers.

Update: I was going to attempt to translate part of this video, but it has been removed, ironically due to copyright violations. So I've decreased the size of the embedded video here in order to not have a large black space.


Margaret Larkin said...

I noticed it's in Swedish, so I hope it's an ok site.

kami said...

the video is no longer available

Margaret Larkin said...

Yes, that's unfortunate because it was a Japanese news report which included the robot's creator's comments.