I was going to post something, but I'm trying to figure out if I should use Twitter

The past couple of days, I've been looking at my Twitter account, wondering if I should use it and make it public, so I wasn't focused on posting here.

I remember when Twitter was starting out. Some bloggers adopted it early, and eventually posted more there than at their own blogs. But I didn't join until a couple of years ago, and at first it seemed okay, but then I started getting spammers following me. I tried to block them, but they didn't disappear, and I would send messages to Twitter, with no response or action.

So I assumed that Twitter was lame and not to be trusted. I thought it was becoming crappy like MySpace, which I left way before other people did (and now hardly anyone is there). I made my account private, so people could only follow me if I approved them.

Then I stopped using Twitter. It wasn't like I posted there much anyway, but I just really didn't like that site, and joined Tumblr instead. I like Tumblr a lot better: the interface is nice, it's multi-media, and there aren't as many creeps there. The only problem is that I hardly have any exposure there, but I guess that's okay. It's good to start small.

So now I'm still wondering if I should resume posting at Twitter, make my profile public, and link it to here, or if I should just use Tumblr. I have a smartphone now, which makes Twitter easier to use, but I don't feel too great about it.

At least I've linked my Tumblr to Twitter: that's a start.

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