Plagiarism: Led Zeppelin became rich by stealing music and lyrics from other bands and claimed it as their own

Even though Led Zeppelin is no longer together, it's still a very popular band that still gets a lot of airplay. I'm sure Robert Plant and Jimmy Page are still making a lot of money from the music they've created. But they didn't really create all that music; they stole it, and didn't give any credit to the musicians and bands that wrote it. This is blatant plagiarism, and not enough people know about it, because the videos below with proof of the theft still don't have enough views or exposure.

So I'm posting them here, and feel free to tell as many people as possible. If a band is going to get so much exposure, respect, and wealth, they should have integrity as well. Too bad Led Zeppelin, especially Page and Plant, could care less about ethics and resorted to stealing from other people to reap all those rewards from others' hard work.

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Anonymous said...

hey mate, nice observations but led zeppelin re-programmed music to suit themselves. Blues artists steal form each other anyway its open slather. I think what your saying is that they got mega rich form stealing from poor people however they are still considered a very original band and the best live act of all time. You cannot really query their musicianship, so what's the problem. I know for a fact they got into a few legal issues with Willie Dixon.
There is another argument that people like Eric Calpton would steal guitar lines from Albert King - why isn't that considered plagiarism?
Is Jimi Hendrix a plagiairst for stealing 'All Along the Watchtower'?