Cool site for learning manga and anime expressions

Wow, I didn't know how cool an Anime-Manga site was because it took a while to load, which made me wonder if the site was valid, but it's definitely worth the wait!

I'm so excited about this site, but let me calm down enough to explain: you can learn what phrases mean that are often found in anime and manga. And it teaches you the meanings in dynamic ways: several categories broken down into types of situations, and they give you the option of kanji, kana, or romaji to show the Japanese sentences, and provide the English translation below.

You can choose from several manga scenes, and the meanings and readings pop up. They also have games and quizzes. You can also learn character expressions, which includes audio. Actually, there's audio throughout the site. So it's really a dynamic place to learn Japanese: drawings, audio, games, variety...just a really great site if you're an anime and manga fan who wants to improve your Japanese. Have fun with it!

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