The hotel I stayed in Detroit is now closed!

This is so weird: the hotel that I stayed at in Detroit a couple of months ago when I was on my way to Toronto is now closed!

The hotel was quite expensive, so I was expecting a nice place. But some of the staff didn't do their jobs as you'd see at comparable hotels elsewhere in large US cities. The hotel seemed sort of dingy and I heard other guests complain about various things that really should be basic at a nice hotel. The restaurant was very good, but in general, there was a deadness about the place and area--right next to the river. And the people in general seemed tough and even hardened, probably because there's so much hopelessness there.

Unfortunately, GM went bankrupt, which affected the hotel. What an awful, sad situation the auto industry has become, especially Detroit.

Check out the TV news report--it's just a minute long. Poor Detroit--I saw how dismal that city is. It's on the decline for sure. It had so much promise before, now there's so much sadness :(


SNM said...

Yeah it's pretty sad. That was one of my favorite hotels in the city, and during the summer, they always had music nights on Thursdays outside on the Riverwalk.

I thought it was in a nice little quiet location and had great access to the river. Hopefully they can find a buyer.

I'm hoping once this recession ends (and hopefully quickly), that Detroit will get back on track. There were a lot of projects cancelled.


Margaret Larkin said...

Unfortunately, I think the problems are beyond the recession, unless Detroit can reinvigorate itself to become more than a Motor City because that hasn't been working out for them.