Rip off

I hope people weren't duped into believing that paying Lulu $400 (literally $399, but it's only a dollar difference) to get their books displayed at Book Expo America would actually make a difference. What a rip off.

People were asked to send in two books to be placed on a pile or table or whatever for hundreds of dollars. And that's just *sending* the books, with no human presence required. So why would people think that randomly displaying a couple of books in a place filled with thousands of books would generate sales or publicity? Other publishers' and authors' booths would be manned, already giving them an advantage. And who knows how they would even handle the books? For all we know, they could've just removed them from the shipping box and plopped them down somewhere.

Please, I hope no one fell for this. It's pitiful when people profit from pipe dreams.

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