I was talking to a radio engineer, telling him that when I used to work early mornings for a show, I'd discover a lot of distant radio stations on my radio from hundreds of miles away as I drove to work. It was because I was searching for stations in the middle of the night, usually before dawn, though before that, when I worked late at night, I'd discover distant radio stations on my way home as well.

Well the engineer said that I was DXing, which I'd never heard of before: "D" is said to mean distance and "X" refers to the unknown.

I was just dialing around on my car radio, but apparently there are a lot of nerdy types out there who have complex systems that pick up stations from all over the world. I'm not so nerdy to do that, but I think it's a very cool hobby.

There's an excellent DXing site that also has audio samples from all over the world, so check it out and the other info and interviews, too.

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