Translate the Chinese bios

Sometimes I watch Taiwan Outlook, which is in English. I've never been to Taiwan, and unfortunately didn't take advantage of its close proximity to Japan when I was there. But I want to go sometime for sure.

The show is hosted by a guy who asks interesting, insightful questions, and his English is really good. But if the show is in English, and he can speak English well, why is his bio page in Chinese? We non-Chinese speakers can't read it, though I can see that he's studied law and got a PhD because those words are in English, along with a few other words.

I just can't believe that in that entire country/province (depending on how you define it), they can't find anyone who can translate his bio (or the other guy's bio--they have a "Host" link but it's meant to be plural even though the English is singular). I guess it's a good way to study Chinese, though you can also watch a live stream of that TV channel, so you can practice listening to and reading Chinese at the same time. It's just too bad this isn't all in Japanese, then it wouldn't annoy me so much :D


Languagehat said...

If you put the URL into Google Translate, you get a pretty good English version.

Margaret Larkin said...

"Foundation for the implementation of cross-Strait Interflow Prospect Foundation..." Sure, makes sense :D

They should just shell out the money for a proper translator and make their site accessible.