Read some issues of Penny Magazine online

This is really cool: you can read some issues of Britain's Penny Magazine online! The first edition was published in 1832, where they said, "What the stage-coach has become to the middle classes, we hope our Penny Magazine will be to all classes — a universal convenience and enjoyment."

And here's what they said about the United States in 1835:
The possible destiny of the United States of America--as a nation of 100,000,000 freemen--stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific, living under the laws of Alfred, and speaking the language of Shakespeare and Milton, is an august conception. Whey should we not wish to see it realized? America would then be England, viewed through a solar microscope--Great Britain in a state of glorious magnificence! How deeply to be lamented is the spirit of hostility and sneering which some of the popular books of travels have shown in treating of the Americans! They hate us no doubt, just as brothers hate, but they respect the opinion of an Englishman concerning themselves ten times as much as that of a native of any other country on earth. A very little humouring of meanour on the part of Englishmen, would work wonders, even as it is, with the public mind of the Americans.

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