A successful, interesting nerd

I met a very cool, interesting, passionate guy who's definitely made the most out of his nerdiness to the point where he has an incredible career, makes good money, and speaks all around the world. And he's not a snob or arrogant at all. He didn't even get annoyed when I stopped by his office at Tribune Interactive to say "hello" and check out those fancy digs where other nerdy people make the most out of their brains :D

I interviewed him for my podcast, and he was so interesting and well-spoken, I ended up talking to him for quite a while, and posted all of it. I think we're going to see him a lot more in the media because he knows how to talk.

btw--His name is Brent Payne, aka the Bald SEO. Apparently, a ton of people know him in the SEO/computer/nerd world. Listen to the interview at this link (mp3 file).

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