Multilingual teen update!

multilingual teen at frankfurt airport

I met the Multilingual Teen almost two years ago, and was impressed with all the languages he spoke. I thought he'd end up being a diplomat or international businessman, or even an interpreter/translator, but he said he wanted to be an air traffic controller, and that's really what he's doing! He sent me a bunch of pictures from the Frankfurt Airport, and here's a picture of him in the control tower! This is what he said:

I'm right now learning to be Air-Traffic-Controller. So eventually I will be working in a tower at a german airport. But I don't know which airport it will be. Actually it's not even our decision, they'll sent us where they need new Controllers.

I asked him if he will use all his languages, and he said:

unfortunately not. only german and english. BUT at the moment I think I will apply for Amsterdam or Tel-Aviv someday, so eventually I will have used some different languages :D Seeing the different airports is part of the training here. I've been in Düsseldorf, Köln and Frankfurt so far.

Another interesting point: his photo album is in German, and was uploaded at the German Picasa site. It makes sense because he's German, but it's still cool to me :D

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