I finally went to Japanese class

I've had to miss Japanese class for more than a couple of months because I got some cool work doing voiceovers and production at a great Chicago station. Because of the Japanese drought, I decided to go to the station earlier to see if I had a lot of work, because sometimes I get there and there's not much to do, and other times I have quite a bit to do. There was nothing there, so I decided to go to my class. I'm very glad I got to go! But I noticed that I couldn't read as many kanji as before. So I'm going to publicly say that I WILL resume my Japanese reading, and will sometimes post translations here in order to practice and show people that I can actually translate it into English :D

I will also say publicly that I've noticed that my obsession with trying to translate correctly is similar to the obsession I've acquired of trying to get voiceovers right. Especially tonight (I went there after class) when a very accomplished and talented local media star who's also my boss was pointing out areas where I need to improve. Then I listened to other spots I did, and realized that some folks might not like them either. So now I'm wondering: will I be able to succeed?

Basically, I want to do things well, and when I was doing a lot of translating at one point, I remember getting really upset at my inability to know all the kanji on the planet--I would really stress out and think I'd never make it. But I got through it and did okay, which is what I have to realize now, because I feel the same extreme concern (ie, worry) about getting broadcasting right as well!

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