New language site wants feedback

Jason, a language fan, contacted me to ask me about my language pursuits, and he told me about a language site that he's developed (still in the beta stage, I think) called Sanbit which has lots of stuff going on: essays, vocabulary, games, audio, etc. He wants people to try it out, and he's open to feedback and ideas that will help him make the site better.

He's really into language--he's learning Cantonese and Mandarin at the same time (!) and when he said he was Chinese-American, I assumed he had some exposure to the language already, but he said his parents don't speak any Chinese. So he's had to start from scratch, just like the rest of us struggling Americans.

So if you want to help shape an interesting site, check it out. I've posted the introductory video below as well.


Anonymous said...

there is one more language learning site www.valodas.com

Margaret Larkin said...

There's no "About" section on that site.

Anonymous said...

There is an about section: