The LA sun affected my blogging

I was going to do some posts from LA--I went there this past weekend and just got back. But the good weather there affected my ability to think enough to do any posts. I even brought my laptop and had access to other computers, but the sun was so strong, I just couldn't be serious enough to sit down and form decent sentences. I also really needed a vacation because I hadn't gone anywhere in well over a year, so my mind was pretty much turned off until I had to do work today.

Some folks out there who read this blog don't have to deal with winter, so you're probably wondering how sun can have such a debilitating effect on my brain. But we've had the worst winter here in Chicago: extreme snow, cold, wind, freeze, and no sun. Sure, the sun is out there, but we don't see it or feel it. So even though LA is "cool" (mid-60's fahrenheit) it's WAY better than Chicago at this time of year. So now I'm back in my usual grim reality, which only makes me want to write more.

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