Now a company

I went to SCORE, which was set up by the Small Business Administration, to get some advice about the direction I should take if I want to publish more books (I just published an anthology called Down the Block, which is available now for purchase, and will be available everywhere later this month).

The advisor suggested I set up a company, and I just did. Seriously. So now Metrolingua is an LLC. I've been freelancing for several years, so it makes sense to put everything under an umbrella. This year, my goal is to make the money back I've spent on the anthology, but I will most likely publish another anthology later this year or early next year. So stay tuned.

btw--If you're wondering just how corrupt Illinois is, try setting up a business here--it's the most expensive state in the US to set up a business and costs hundreds of dollars, unlike other states which cost a lot less than $100. They probably charge a lot here so that the money can go into corrupt politicians' pockets and support people who don't work. Plus, I live in Chicago, which just adds more corrupt and lazy layers. But at least I managed to do something productive.

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