I joined a German social site

I was chatting with the Multilingual Teen, and I asked him if he's on Facebook. He said he's on Studivz instead, which is a student social site. It's all in German, but its sister site, Meinvz, which is for non-students, is in German and English (the British version because they use UK spelling).

At first, I was scared to join because my German now is AWFUL! And occasionally the Multilingual Teen will leave a message in German (even though he knows English perfectly) probably to help me practice German. So I've attempted to type something in Gerglish (my German and English hybrid), and it's fun.

What I really need is a German version of my favorite Japanese-learning site Popjisyo, where you can paste Japanese text to be translated for you. That way, I wouldn't have to dig deep into my dusty head to pull out the few German words that remain.

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