Canadians like this book

I just spent the week working with Austin Hill, who wrote the book White House Confidential, and I asked him how people have responded to it. Especially around this time of year, he's been able to sell a lot of copies, but what's surprising is that Canadians seem to really like it.

He told me that Canadians are fascinated with American history and are curious about our Presidents, and seem to know more about them than we do. I seriously thought that they could care less since they have a really nice country up there, but he's experienced something different.

Maybe I should interview him for this blog--he's been making the media rounds lately.


Silas said...

Just don't bring up the topic of the US Presidency during the War of 1812. :) Canadians tend to think that they/the British won, and Americans tend to believe that they won. History books in both countries seem to cover the incident along these lines, as well...

Margaret Larkin said...

Thanks for leaving a comment that led to historical research to find out what you're talking about :D