Lots of French informational videos!

When I discovered a French video for tying a tie, I went back to the site to see what other instructional videos there are, and there are a lot!

So check it out if you want to learn new things while practicing your French at the same time: Netprof.fr

Right now, I'm interested in the history of Paris (and would love to go there someday), but I might do something crazy and watch the computer how-to videos, because they have stuff there that I want to learn. Of course, I can do that in English, but I really need to improve my French, and what better way than to do that through topics I'm interested in.

Bottom line: this is a great site!


wal said...

This is so interesting! It reminds me of a series called Ignite. Here in Seattle it's "Ignite Seattle," and it's a program wherein folks come and give a five-minute Powerpoint presentation on whatever they like. It's fantastic to see regular people with a passion share that with the world. And even better if it helps us learn French, like in the website you mention here!

Margaret Larkin said...

That sounds very interesting--if I lived in Seattle, I'd check it out.

Anonymous said...

Hi! You might be interested to know that Arthur, the guy who presents these videos, is from the US (from Alabama if I remember correctly). You can still hear his accent when he is speaking french. Bye

Margaret Larkin said...

Are you serious? So is it like French spoken with a southern drawl?