The baby sun

This is going to sound weird, but I sometimes like to watch Teletubbies. I don't have kids, so I don't "have" to have it on, but there's something relaxing about it.

I especially like the Baby Sun. I don't know what the proper name of it is, but there's a baby in a sun, and when the Teletubbies come out of their dwelling or whatever it is, and when they say goodbye, the Baby Sun watches over them, and slowly sets at the end of the show. The Baby Sun also laughs sometimes during the show. The Baby Sun knows and sees All.

I have some Important Questions about the Baby Sun: what does it represent? Is it controlling the Teletubbies? Is it giving them energy? Is the Baby Sun their leader? Does the Baby Sun run their universe? Does everything revolve around the Baby Sun?

Watch the show sometime and you, too, will wonder what role the Baby Sun plays, and if it's the Ultimate Power in that world.

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