Online katakana dictionary!

I have a katakana dictionary in book form, but I couldn't find a word in it, so I looked online to do the usual "what does this word mean in context" thing, and came upon an online katakana dictionary created by a Japanese guy named Yamada Yosuke (or, in the English version of the name, Yosuke Yamada, since Yamada is his last name). At least that was the name I saw after the Japanese word for "publisher".

What is really great is that he gives you the katakana word, the English meaning, then an example in Japanese! I hope he never takes this site down!


Anonymous said...

This was a great help, i really appreciate you posting such a great site! Its really hard to find accurate Katakana on the net, with all those fake katakana generators.
Arigatougozaimasu ^^

Margaret Larkin said...

Thanks--I wish Google would crack down on those stupid sites--they supposedly have resources, but they're just a bunch of links to other worthless sites and a bunch of ads. They're spam sites that shouldn't be listed.