China from the sky

Someone sent me several very pretty pictures of rural China. If I were to post them all, it would make the post too long. So here are a few. When I was there, I saw terraced farms, though they weren't as beautiful as these pictures. I can tell these photos have been touched up (via Photoshop?).


Jon Konrath said...

There's some kind of weird focus technique you use to do pictures like this. I forget what it was, but maybe a combo of focusing on the wrong thing and using a longer exposure. It gives that added depth that makes it look more like a viewmaster slide. I forget where I saw it, but some site had a whole gallery of images like this.

Anonymous said...

Cool--I have no idea what technique it is, but it looks really neat. I'm just a simple-minded photo appreciator :)

Karla Courtney said...

Hey MJ - I have seen these photos elsewhere and have been trying to get in touch with the photographer.

Could you email me on karla.courtney@niche.com.au and let me know who put you on to them?