Sometimes I watch home design and clothing design shows (the kind that give people advice on what to wear) and I often hear the designers and commentators say "pop" as in, "This pillow makes the red in the couch POP." And the way they say it, it's as if they've never said the word before and want to experience the excitement of it. Why? Is it because it's a trendy design word, and those people want to be fashionable in words as well as things? Or is it because of the sound of it, which lends itself to its emphasis?

"The scarf makes the color of your eyes POP."
"The curtains make the blue in your carpet POP."
"My head is going to POP from saying POP so much."


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

05 02 07

Hey MJ:
I started hearing people say 'pop' about twelve years or so when I briefly modeled for a hair salon. They used it in the same context: "OOhh oh girl, that color will make your eyes just pop girl..." hehehehe brings back funny and entertaining memories. Strangely enough, I started hearing it recently on TV on those makeover shows.

Anyway, glad to know you are out there and okay. Have a great rest of week:)

Anonymous said...

I'm reading your weave post now. Actually, there's a lot you've written that I haven't finished reading cuz it's thought-provoking. Like the post about studying so much and being so into intellectual stuff you neglected the physical.