I miss German

I've been studying Japanese consistently, but at one point I studied German too, and I haven't studied it in a while. My work schedule does not allow me to take a German class, and I don't want to study it privately because I want to be in a class with other students. I did study it privately for several months or a year (I forgot how long), and if so much of my work time wasn't solitary, then maybe I'd consider taking private lessons again.

The bottom line is that I miss studying it. Sure, I can look at my textbooks and read German stuff online, but it's not the same as doing homework, going to class, and having an overall structure, which is easier than trying to find the discipline to study on my own. There are already other things that require discipline to do on my own, such as writing fiction and finishing the query letters that have to be sent out for the inevitable rejections I will receive.

Maybe my work schedule will normalize enough to squeeze in a German class, but for now, I just have to deal with missing it and try to be disciplined enough to look through texts from past classes and other German sources.


Anonymous said...

So you're learning/know the Japanese characters (kanji?)? I just ran across a character and wondered what it was. I asked the artist, and she didn't know.


Anonymous said...

It's the kanji for "tea" which is "cha" which makes sense since it's a teapot :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks! That's what I would have guessed, but since I didn't know, I thought that could be too simple.