Another place

Since my exodus from MySpace, I've been thinking of starting an online journal that will cover observations and thoughts that don't fit into the scope of Metrolingua.

Actually, the idea started to form when I went "fishing" in the online "sea" for a phrase, and found a journal that I've since been reading. Typing a phrase in Google is also how I found Jon Konrath's journal, which is my fave.

I think when I establish the other place, I might not mention it here, just write stuff and let people discover it. I have a journal on my computer, but for some reason, I want to start a public one, probably because I like writing and don't always want to do it without an "audience."

So if you find something that sounds like me, it just might be :)


Rose said...

Oh, that's so mysterious...

(How do I give this a nuance that let's you know I don't mean that in a sarcastic way? Oh, the written language!)

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think I'm gonna do a post about where else I am, but I'll tell you cuz it's actually more in the style of your blog (more varied):