Thai-Japanese dictionary

This is very exciting, even though I don't know any Thai (in spite of going to Thailand at least a few times): a Thai-Japanese/Japanese-Thai online dictionary called Saikam, which is "the first online Thai-Japanese/Japanese-Thai dictionary development project initiated by The Association of Thai Professionals in Japan (ATPIJ) and became a research project at the National Institute of Informatics (NII) in 1999. Saikam has a unique feature which allows both users and developers to access the database across the Internet. Dictionary data can be accessed and updated at the same time."

But wait, there's something there for us non-Thai speakers: a kanji dictionary. And get this--you don’t have to type in hiragana to get the kanji; you can type in the romaji reading for a character, the stroke count, and frequency, and it will give you a selection of corresponding kanji! And it will also give you compounds. This is really helpful if you need to look up something but don’t have the ability to type out hiragana (as seems to be the case on PC's).

They also have a full kanji list. Just click on any kanji to get the reading.

It seems like they're hoping to have both English and Thai translations of the compounds, so if you want to provide English translations and have time to kill, you can contact the admins of the site.

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