Great day

I met some friendly writers today. Someone told me about J.A. Konrath's book release party, and I decided to drive all the way up to Schaumburg to check it out. This is part of what the invite says (which can be found at his website):

"Plenty of books will be available...there will be beer and appetizers on my dime, and afterwards everyone is invited back to my place for some serious partying."

Note that he said "on my dime." It was all-you-could-drink beer and food that was plentiful. How many authors would throw a party for their readers? And we really were invited to his place, so I went there, to further explore northwest suburban life.

I had a great time, and I also got to meet some authors who were nice and fun to talk to:
Thomas J. Keevers, Robert W. Walker, Raymond Benson, and Tim Broderick, who's done a graphic novel and has some work at Modern Tales.

The funny thing is, I'm not really into mysteries, thrillers, or gore, but I was surrounded by those types of writers. But I'll take a non-snobby writer who writes in a different genre to a snobby one any day.

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