I said last week that I was going to go to an art installation by Luftwerk. Since I've met the artists before, I figured it would be pretty good because they're decent people. But I had no idea how elegant, beautiful, and refined the installation would be.

I was so affected by the work when I saw it on Friday, I couldn't stop thinking about it. So I went back yesterday. Todd Carter added some sounds to complement the piece, and I was still as entranced as when I first saw it, especially since the experience was enhanced with the sounds.

Usually, I'm not so affected by contemporary art, but Luftwerk really achieved the sublime, even though the technology was modern and, at first glance, cold.

It had the same effect on me as an exhibition I saw about the Medici family at the Art Institute of Chicago a couple of years ago. I went back to that exhibit three times because I was so struck by the excellence and beauty of what the artists had created.

I think that when art transcends the grit of daily life, and artists care to be conscientious about maintaining integrity in what they produce, it can be very inspiring and edifying.

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