2024 is going to be about language

As I said previously, I've been doing Duolingo and reached the 200-day milestone on the last day of 2023. When I was working a lot, my language learning was limited to Duolingo and foreign language accounts on Twitter/X. Now that I quit a job and did not have to work the holidays for the first time in several years, I've increased my language learning to at least a few hours a day, which includes Easy German, Japanese shows (with English subtitles) on NHK, Twitch chats, online articles, and textbooks from classes I took years ago. I definitely feel very motivated, and haven't felt this way in several years because I was chasing other dreams and goals. 

I've also resumed studying Italian and Portuguese on Duolingo. I studied Italian several years ago and even did a translation here, but I didn't really care about it much until a few days ago when I went out with someone who was able to speak Italian with some tourists. I could sort of understand what they were saying but wanted to understand more, so later that night I practiced on Duolingo. I also added Portuguese because everyone who's been to Portugal says it's the best place to visit, and I recently talked to a few people who've been there and loved it. I was able to speak it several years ago when I went to Brazil, so I decided to try to unearth it in my brain. Duolingo only has Brazilian Portuguese but it's better than nothing. I still have no clue how to pronounce it, though I can read it okay.

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