What a screw up

I have fun doing this blog, especially because there isn't anything at stake. But a professional columnist lost her job for fabricating information:
A review in the June 5, 2011, Sunday Sun-Times of a Glee Live! performance included the mention of a song that was not performed and a description of another song that the critic did not witness.
Wow. I'm careful about what I write, and when I'm paid to write, I make doubly sure the information is accurate and I'm doing what I'm supposed to, because I'm receiving money for the work and am accountable to others. I'm very surprised that a professional who is making a good living writing for a newspaper would make up information, possibly not show up to their job. And what's so hard about watching a performance?

I'd love for someone to pay me to write a column--I wouldn't screw it up or be dishonest. But I guess those opportunities aren't really there anymore.

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