Manga helpers

I came across a site called MangaHelpers that encourages people to translate manga for others to enjoy. I can't believe how much has been translated into English, and they have lots of other languages, too. The FAQ page is funny as it explains why someone should become a volunteer translator:
Face it, if you know Japanese you have a skill that MANY people would die to have. Why not "save the world" by using it. Tons of people are grateful for the time you take to translate (even though sometimes they don't say it) so if you do take the time to translate, you are taking the time to make TONS of people around the world VERY happy. And, earning yourself some fame too.
I found a translation of a chapter from the first Young Shima Kosaku. I actually just got the fourth book in that series, but I don't know if I'd want to spend the time translating it, especially since I've been so busy lately.

I wonder if there's been a halt to posting Shima translations because there aren't many there, and at one point, the publisher Kodansha told the site to stop posting manga there (scroll down towards the end of this interview for the cease and desist letter they were sent).

Anyway, I know that this site has been around for a while, but I just discovered it now because I was really looking for something else, and just stumbled upon it.

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