Give blood

I would like to interrupt this language blog to give a public service announcement: please GIVE BLOOD. A few years ago, I saw someone's life saved through a blood transfusion, and it inspired me to start giving blood regularly until for some reason the hospital where I gave it said some number was too low (I forgot what they were talking about, but it was after they put it in a spinner). Then I gave early this year and even though I felt light-headed and had to lie there a while, I was glad to do it.

Several months passed, and I never made the time to give blood again until I went to the hospital recently to visit someone who got SEVEN pints of blood. That's a lot! So I thought, "Hey, I should give blood to help someone else get better," so I made an appointment and went today.

Again, I didn't feel too good afterwards and made the stupid mistake of going to the library instead of going straight home to rest, so even now I still feel funny. But I'm very glad I donated blood and I'd like to urge you to do the same.

If you've ever seen someone in the hospital after they've received blood, or if you've ever seen someone go from the brink of death to life, you know what I'm talking about. That's what blood does--it really saves lives and helps people get better!

So eat lots of food, give blood, drink juice and eat cookies afterwards, and then rest. It may not be the most comfortable thing in the world, but it is VERY important. I'll be going again in a couple of months to give some more.

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