About sporks

I clicked on a commenter's link, and saw their oddly interesting blog, which included a a post about sporks:

Sporks are mainly a tool for good, for the betterment of mankind, but apparently a bane to most females since sporks are the antithesis of the overwhelming need to have even the most utilitarian tools of living to convey one’s social status via being as expensive as possible. However, as noted below, sporks ARE a multi-purpose device, a must-have in every man’s cache of tools.

Someone out there is having a lot of fun online with their "Old Coot" alter.


Anonymous said...

As an Australian I feel obliged to speak up for the splade, which is our own variation on the spork concept.

(This might be submitted twice. If so, blame my Internet connection, which cut out just after I pressed Submit. This happens far too often.)

Margaret Larkin said...

Cool--I'm going to mention that in a post.

Anonymous said...

That "Old Coot" is a mightily Disgruntled fellow.

Margaret Larkin said...

Well apparently you're a successful one--I saw your post about your Stumbleupon fame :D