I just realized that I've been posting stuff here for FOUR years. That's quite a long time for a baby blog such as mine. I'm just wondering why I haven't made the "blogs of note" list at Blogger if I've been around so long. And where's the book deal and interviews? Oh well, I'll continue toiling in obscurity....which is fine with me, because it seems like some quality people have visited this site!

So thanks for reading and there's more language fun to come! And nerdiness too!


Mad Minerva said...

Congratulations on your 4-year blogiversary! I shall look forward to more language fun and nerdiness!

Margaret Larkin said...

Thanks--maybe one century I'll be "discovered"

Anonymous said...

Hey, congrats!

My old writing prof used to tell us, it takes ten years to be an overnight success in writing.

Margaret Larkin said...

Thanks--though I wonder how those blockbuster bloggers feel after they get tons of hits and book deals after just a few months :D