You'd never see this on American TV

I'm not saying that British TV is more intelligent than American TV (I have no opinion on the subject since I haven't seen all of British TV), but I would never see, and have never seen, an extended grammar lesson on an American TV show. Sometimes I think that since Brits speak the "mother tongue" (since we started out as their colony), they tend to be more "aware" of language, so it's not surprising when such discussions show up in their mass media.


Anonymous said...

I agree, you wouldn't. I don't think that the Brits necessarily speak a "better" or even more understandable of English than the Yankees but I have found that Europeans in general seem to take more care of how they use their language than Americans do. I mean Americans in the broad sense of the word: Brazilians, Mexicans, Canadians, etc.

Margaret Larkin said...

Maybe because they're closer to the base of the language, whereas we're part of their larger language-speaking world.