An interesting problem to have

I've never read any Harry Potter books, but I do know that JK Rowling has become very rich from writing them. I can see why she wants to sue a guy who wants to publish a book based on her creation, but if you're going to write such insanely popular books, you've gotta expect people to want to make something off them as well.

A lot of writers would love to make a fraction of the money she has, and many creative people are toiling in obscurity, and probably will continue that way until they die. So while her copyright is being threatened because she wants to protect her unique, hard work, this is an inevitable problem to have. Imagine being in such a position that all you care about is your copyright, and the money doesn't matter. She is worried about principles, and a lot of us out here are worried about getting our work noticed or even out of our drawers.

Life is pretty good when what you've strived for has been not only achieved but surpassed in a big way, and what you end up caring about are concepts of what creativity is, and what you are about. She's living in the abstract at this point because she can pay her bills many times over.


Paul D. said...

It's just a reference book. If you ask me, Rowling is being petty, and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Multimillionaires (billionaires?) can afford not to be jerks.

Margaret Larkin said...

Well, she's saying that what she's doing will help other writers, because other copyright issues will pop up. But it's more of a battle when you're a struggling writer and people steal your stuff, because they're stealing your livelihood. She has a livelihood many times over. So at this point, it's academic.