He's British!

I've never watched an entire episode of House, but I have caught parts of it, and I thought the main character was American. But he's British! In fact, I already knew who he was (Hugh Laurie), but I didn't make the connection: he was on the British show Jeeves and Wooster, which is actually too annoying to watch too often.

Here's a video of Hugh Laurie auditioning for House--you can sort of detect a slight British accent in the beginning, but when he's in character, he sounds like an American, and believe me, I'm American, so I should know what an American accent should sound like. Also, here and in the show, he behaves like an American. So it's not just the accent, but his manner. Bottom line: he's convincing!


Anonymous said...

and the girl who plays Chuck on "Pushing daisies" is British also, with an American accent. also, the girl on the show "Chuck" is from Australia and has an accent too.Oh and I'm typing with an accent too.. Im Jewish!!

Margaret Larkin said...

I've never seen "Pushing Daisies" but I'll try to check it out to see if the accent is any good :D