Good play

I just saw A Steady Rain, which is going to be in Chicago until late April. It's not the most uplifting story in the world, but it's good, and very Chicago. If you're around the area, I highly recommend it.

The two actors (there are only two) are excellent, and I was lucky to meet them after the show. They are so intense on stage, I thought they'd be almost devoid of personality off the stage (since some actors are good at disappearing into their characters to "escape" the blandness and insecurity of their own) or at least be too wiped out and drained to speak to anyone. But they were actually cool and friendly, and they told me to tell my friends about it.

If I was involved with a radio show, I'd try to get them on the air, but since I have no such outlet, I might as well mention the play here.

It's at the Royal George theater, which is easy to get to and is a really nice space. I want to go there again.

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