When komfo commented on a previous post, I looked at his blog, which is in English and Lojban. I'd never heard of Lojban before, and other people probably haven't either, so here are some features:

culturally neutral
grammar based on the principles of logic
unambiguous grammar
phonetic spelling
the root words can be easily combined to form new words
regular, no exceptions

Sounds like an ambitious project. And the fact that komfo writes a blog in both languages means that he probably emits a lot of brain energy. Which I don't have. I have enough trouble with Japanese kanji as it is.


Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks for flogging my blog. It is a fair amount of work -- which is why I post so rarely. I use it to practice my Lojban. So far so good!

Margaret Larkin said...

I can understand why it's so much work. I'd need lots of time off after using my brain in such a way.