Love for Shatner

I'm not a Captain Kirk fan nor much of a Star Trek fan (except for Voyager), but I've been reading Get A Life by William Shatner to find out what those fan conventions are like. While I'm not crazy about the writing style (it reads like a speech rather than the written word), it's interesting.

I especially found the description of the fans' response to his appearance on stage rather moving:

"Though I've been through this drill literally hundreds of times now, with every convention entrance, I'm floored all over again. There's booming applause, and a guaranteed standing ovation, but I've actually gotten used to that. What I've never gotten used to, and what I've never come close to experiencing outside of a Star Trek convention, is the palpable wave of love that invariably roars forward from these audiences...A convention ovation is unmatched, and probably best described as a loud, long percussive 'I love you'."

I can't imagine doing something that so many people appreciate that much. It's probably pretty much non-existent in most jobs.

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