Translation of Anime News: Be in a Manga

I asked an anime fan if there's anything I should translate that would help fans find out what's going on in that world. He suggested this news from the Anime!Anime! site, so I did a brief translation to give people a basic idea of what is going on. Here's the news:
Mangazenkan.com Campaign: Monthly Shonen Champion Series Will Draw Your Image 
Manga artists can make your dream come true by drawing an image of you. Winners will have their image drawn by eight manga artists from Monthly Shonen Champion (Akita Shoten). Shonen Champion Comics will choose a total of eight winners, one per comic, between January 7 (Monday) and February 5 (Tuesday). 
Participating manga artists are: Ryu Itou from "Sengoku BASARA3-Bloody Angel", Katsuki Izumi from "Oi!! Obasan", Yuu Minamoto from "Kamisama Drop", Masaru Suzuki from "Drop OG", Daishiro Suzuki from "Narikin!", Masayuki Saiwaki from "Chicken", Shingo Honda from "Hakaijuu", and Yoshiji Yamaguchi from "Examurai Sengoku G". 
To enter, purchase a manga and fill out the enclosed entry form. Winners who are chosen will be asked to send in their photo. 
This is a rare opportunity for fans! 
You can purchase the mangas and get more information about this 2013 New Year's gift at Mangazenkan.com

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Unknown said...

I would really love to see myself not just in a still manga image but in a manga animation. Oh well, people can dream.

Mischna Ong