Take the train west

I didn't post anything here during the past week because I took a train to Los Angeles, then stayed out there for a few days, and wow, do I feel refreshed and relaxed. I highly recommend taking a train out west (or east if you're already out there).

My husband and I took the Southwest Chief line (an image of the map is below, thanks to Amtrak) and got a bedroom sleeper, which included a sink, combo shower/toilet, a couch, and chair. At night, the couch became a bed, and there's an upper bed that can pull out, so three people can fit in there. Neither of us are tall, so we didn't feel cramped, though it seems like the roomette is really tight. Meals were included, and the views were great.

Once we got to Colorado, I noticed that the earth was more reddish-orange, and in New Mexico, it really was red. The most visually interesting part of the trip was from Flagstaff, when it went through the rest of New Mexico into Arizona. I'm sure you've seen lots of pictures of the rocks and landscape of Arizona, but seeing it in person is amazing. Before Flagstaff we passed through mountains, which were of course beautiful, but the colors west of there were breathtaking.

If you get a chance, take a train across the west. You'll see that the USA is vast and beautiful, and you'll arrive at your destination relaxed.

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Ellie K said...

How nice to read about your passenger train trip!

I did something similar, except my itinerary was Denver to San Francisco. The Amtrak cabin (if that is the correct term) was just as you described, even though my journey was in 1989. It was a wonderful experience that I still think about now. One sees parts of the countryside that wouldn't be possible otherwise. Well, not easily!