Do not buy a video or DVD player from JVC!

In case you're looking for a video and DVD player and recorder, do NOT buy anything from JVC. Just after the one-year warranty expired, our video/DVD player/recorder broke, and when we called JVC, they didn't care. They just told us to pay to get it repaired.

No wonder they don't offer any extended warranties: they probably figure it's better to sell inferior quality products, have them break down, and then make us pay to get them fixed, which means more money for them. Some people don't think it's worth it to pay to get something fixed, so they just buy a new one. But it would mean hundreds of dollars wasted for us, so we have to unfortunately pay to keep the product going, which we regret buying.

Curiously, some JVC offices are in Illinois, which is where I live, but the products are made in Indonesia, so they probably don't have much control or care about how they're produced thousands of miles away.

Contrast JVC's response to the nice response I got from Sony. We still have a Sony TV from the mid-1990's, and it works perfectly.

The JVC model we have that's now useless is DR-MV100B. I'm just posting it here so that you don't make the same mistake we did.

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