English in EU

I learned via Mad Minerva that English is the most widely spoken language in the EU--just check out the chart, where they report: "English is the language which is most widely 'spoken' in the EU. While it is the mother tongue for 16% of the European population, a further 31% of the EU citizens speak it well enough to hold a conversation."

Why did they put "spoken" in quotes? They don't believe people really speak it?

The largest language group, in terms of native speakers, is German. Which means I should start studying it again--just in case opportunities present themselves, cuz you just never know.


bigwhitehat said...

Sprechender Deutscher ist n├╝tzlich.

Remember this phrase: Ich trinke Franziskaner.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, speaking German does drive you nuts, doesn't it? ;)

Seriously--I should resume my studies, though I hope to go to Berlin someday to eat a Berliner.